Bristol Beaufighter JM135

Bristol Beaufighter Mk XIc – JM135

The Bristol Beaufighter was one of the most versatile aircraft to serve with the Royal Air Force during World War II. It served in many vital roles in varying climates. It served as a radar equipped night fighter, day fighter, coastal and shipping strikes with both torpedo and rockets and at the end of its days as a towed target tug.

Bristol Beaufighter, JM135,has been one of the biggest restoration taken on by The Fighter Collection. Two centre sections and fuselages were recovered from Drysdale inAustralia and moved to Sydney. They were reputedly from A19-144 (JM135) and A19-148 (JL946) which were both Mk.11 aircraft. Both aircraft were serving with 31 Sqdn. RAAF at the time and the date of their respective incidents is given as January 1944.

One thing is certain and that is the centre section is British built, therefore putting it in the A19- RAAF serial series. Damage to the front spar web indicates that the starboard undercarriage either collapsed or was selected up on landing. A brief report on the incident which befell A19-144 states that thetailwheel collapsed on landing and the pilot retracted the gear to avoid other aircraft. The cockpit section is from an Australian built aircraft, the identity of which is unknown to us.

The structure of the aircraft is now largely complete and awaits fittings and suitable engines before progressing further.

Manufacturer: BristolMaximum Take off Weight: —-Year Built: —-

Engine: —-
Propellors: —–

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