Last Airshow of the Year ?

J G flying-legends


Every December there is one more airshow that appears on the calendar, The Virtual Festival of Aerobatic Teams is held on the first weekend in December and is for the pilots and fans of flight simming the world over.


Any virtual pilot interested in aerobatics will know the name VFAT, it is a name synonymous with quality, excitement and an anticipation. Past VFAT events have featured many of the worlds most popular virtual aerobatic teams in a showcase of both real and fictional displays, solos and team acts, and this year is no different!  Flying starts today at 5.00 GMT, kick ing off with Blaze and the F-16 Viper East Demo and features many popular solo and formation teams. The full schedule is available here :


This year the show is being streamed by our friends at Virtual Aerobatics, some of you may have come and tried out DCS with them here at Duxford, Over the course of the weekend you will see pilots flying all of the modules that they were demonstrating here. Plus some new ones yet to be released!


They are also running a number of competitions over the weekend including the chance to get your hands on some tickets for Flying Legends 2014 among other things!


The display runs all weekend and we look forward to seeing you there!