News from Friends of TFC

Dear Friends and supporters of the Fighter Collection.

We are making a few changes to how we work with our Friends This is to make life simpler and for you to benefit from the resources we offer.

We are simplifying our news feed! We will post to Facebook and have the Facebook feed embeddedon our news page. We know not everyone has or likes Facebook, but for many it is our major way of talking to you. If you get an annoying message when you go to our news page dismiss it, bang, sorted. Or join FB there is much aeroplane goodness on FB!

We are not going to hold stuff behind a paywall. It makes life awkward. All our pages will be free to view. This is a big step and we would still like you to support us by joining and supporting Friends of TFC. Your support helps us support the team who make the aeroplanes fly (see vacuum cleaner post!). Your subscriptions also support the hosting and maintenance of the website.

We will still provide FofTFC members with discounts on merchandise and we will still have a special area at Flying Legends. We are planning our next Event for Friends so you really do benefit from being a supporter.

In the new year we are also moving our Fighter Collection website to the same excellent supplier as our Friends area which was moved earlier this year – the end of error messages. We intend to add more information to our aircraft pages at the same time.

Exciting times are ahead and we want to be able to share the news and information with our supporters all over the world. If you aren’t a Friend already why not join or buy a subscription for a friend at Christmas?