On board with the Nieuport

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With Rob GG getting airborne again with his Nieuport 17 replica today it seemed appropriate to post this video of Rob and John locked in combat over La Ferte last year. Amazing to think they took these planes over the channel, we could hardly see the coast from our ferry!!

Another hats off to everyone; who manages to get up and running with their aircraft for Flying Legends It is this time of year with the clock ticking away that everyone needs a bit of a boost while they are getting aeroplanes ready for the big week end, both at Duxford and across Europe – all those mechanical issues and paperwork mountains to sort out so that we can sit back and enjoy a great weekend. I saw one of the logistical spreadsheets today which just makes you realise how complex an event this is with its largely international cast!

Anyway, La Ferte last year and a bit of fun:

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