fighter log

February 2015

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Hello and welcome to our  first  proper  online Fighter Log.

We have put together a few  winter warmers  while  the skies above Duxford are quiet.  Martin has  given us  a news update on the engineering front and a tour of the  P40-F.

There are some new  items as  well as  sale items in the TFC Shop : Find out  more under the “New  In Store” Tab.

We plan to  make it  possible to  buy  hi -resolution images from the web site either as  prints or downloads, more in the  next edition of  Online Fighter Log.

With the launch of the  Flying Legends Website and Facebook  sites we  should  be all  geared up to provide the  latest  news in the  build up to the  best  airshow of the  year (in our  opinion of course).


Final note is the  departure of the Hellcat to the U.S.  one of  our fleet travelling in the opposite  direction to the  P-40C  which arrived with us last  year.