Privacy Policy for Fighter Collection and Friends of Fighter Collection websites.

The Fighter Collection. is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of information provided by those who access our website.

In order to use some of our online services and to respond to enquiries we need to collect and process a minimum amount of information. This information is used to answer requests for information and process competitions.

We act as a Data Processor for the Fighter Collection. This option may apply when processing orders and competition entries.

When you order goods you create an account with us. If we process an order at your request this will generate an account. You will have access to this account which will hold a minimum amount of information to record your purchases with us. In this case we act as Data Controller and Data Provider. If it is financial (invoicing) information then HMRC may require us to maintain this for a number of years after which you may request us to delete it.

We may use cookies on our website. Users may disable the use of cookies, but this may limit the functionally of the website.

When you use our online enquiry form or enter any of our competitions there is abutton to confirm you are aware of our privacy policy, in hte case of our enquiry form there is an option to confirm you wish us to contact you about offers or events by email.