Saturday Duxford update

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No photo today but a quick note that TFC Bearcat went up earlier on Saturday. Tomorrow will be spent with volunteers doing a bit of spit and polish to complement the engineers work in preparing the TFC fleet for next week end.

A quick mention for a few of long term volunteers. We don’t normally do names as the whole thing is a team effort which we are quite but proud of. However Henry , who is a little over retirement age spent the early part of last week driving around East Anglia collecting equipment and bits urgently required for aircraft and Jim, who next week will be in every day and is scheduled to do a good number of miles ensuring a lot of the paperwork is in the right place at the right time. Nigel will also be travelling from the West Country early in the week to ensure a lot of the fabrication jobs are sorted – the bits you don’t see at the display but without which Legends wouldn’t work!

We hope to increase the photo / video coverage from early next week of the build up and arrivals. We can’t pre-announce aircraft arrivals due to the weather and operational issues but we will endeavour to keep you fully updated on events at Duxford.

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