Saturday Night – Sunday Morning

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So Saturdays display draws to a close, the supporters leave, the party starts but there is work to be done, no time for a party. The P40-C has an engine fault that cuts the display short -the team have work to do…VE6S0452

The Gladiator exhaust  ring  requires   attention before it  can fly again- and then there is the  P-40F prop, old aeroplanes don’t like anyone to relax.


So Sunday arrives (06:00)  and the weather isn’t ideal.  While work continues in the  hangar the aircraft are prepped on the flightline.

So VE6S0436 VE6S0438

Monday and the show is over , the volunteers return to their  day  jobs, the engineers complete the post  flight paper work.  The emails come in largely to say “we enjoyed that”  and why not?

When you think through the unprecedented weather of the preceding week, the effort of the European teams to  fly in IMC or  worse and who had to  turn back again and again to try and get to  Duxford and English  beer, the challenge to  achieve  display  authorisation of visiting aircraft with  a  minimal cloudbase most of the week.  To  reorganise accommodation for  teams who  can or  can’t turn up.  To adjust oil and fuel supplies for those who might just  make it?  (Here you go, try and work out the potential  oil  requirement   for  a Constellation!).  So we say  thank you back  to every one who said  “Thank You”  It really  means something to all and everyone of  those who  have  been working on Flying Legends 2014 for the  last  12  months.

More pictures  to follow after we have had  more sleep.