October Desktop

camera spitfire-mkV, TFC

Our Spitfire  Mk Vb EP120  has   had a  busy  year in 2015  as  has  pilot  Al Wade, caught  here in contemplative mood  before  transit to Holland.

Catching Up

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A  few    pictures to  help  tell  our  story for the  last  week. While  our  Mk XIV was  displaying  over  Duxford at  last weeks airshow  (photo  credit  Pete  Collins)  ….. ….Our  hardworking sales team in the tent  were taking a few  minutes  of shut eye… ……And finally, our   MK Vb and P-40F  safely in the  hangar after  displaying at Church Fenton …

Desktop and a little extra!

camera P-36, p40c, spitfire-mkV, TFC

First  the July  calendar and thank you to everyone  who reminded us we were late! Then a couple of snaps  from Saturday at Duxford.  Who would have  guessed this months aeroplane? How about the  P-36 as a desktop?   We promised a little extra so how about some photos of Saturdays action!?

Hangar update for end of May

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This would usually   be  part of the  Online Fighter  Log update available to Friends of TFC- it answers a lot of “which aircraft was  where and when this week end” type questions so here you go: A busy weekend in May…. The Hawk75 and Gladiator made our first European outing of the 2015 season with Stephen and Patrice at the …

A Busy Sunday

camera spitfire-mkV, TFC, Volunteers, Wildcat

Today was partly spent  playing  Hangar  Drafts where  Martin decides we need the aircraft at the back  of the  hangar moved to  the  front.  In over  20 years of    moving aircraft at TFC  no one  has yet devised a simple  solution.  Anyway  having moved some of the  aircraft outside we thought it might be a  good  idea to  fly a …